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Finishing - Heat-sensitive Lack

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Heat-sensitive lack
is also known as thermolack, thermal chromatic lacquer, or color temperature varnish.
The application of heat-sensitive lacquer takes place in screen printing. This is a lacquer which responds to temperature changes. Thermal lack looks at first glance like a simple black surface, but it suddenly becomes
translucent or discolored through the sun's rays or body heat.

There is enough warmth from a finger gently rubbing the surface or hot, moist breath held close to the paper to produce changes in the color due to temperature variance and reveal the underlying motif. This presents a very striking
visual effect that can be arbitrarily and often repeated. The temperature of the color can be precisely adjusted to ensure that the effect will still work during hot summer days and long, cold winter nights. Black thermal lacquer achieves an absolute opacity, while other heat-sensitive colors such as red, green, yellow, orange, etc. achieve only a thinner, semi-transparent cover. The design possibilities with our heat-sensitive lack are almost limitless!

For Example, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, secret codes, and much more can be fascinatingly "hidden" on your print media. Even entire book covers can be printed with thermal lack so as to be visible only by placing a hand over interesting details. And another still very special advantage can be accredited to the employment of heat-sensitive lacquer. It increases the security of your coupons, event tickets, or VIP cards because heat-sensitive lack can't be imitated through a simple color copy, and thus does gives your product a certain exclusivity.Let your customers remember you through using our print finishing heat-sensitive lack, and create also immense interest from outsiders!

Prices for thermal coatings can be calculated directly when clicking upon the desired item. If you're looking for something completely special, we look forward to your inquiry.

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