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Postcards & Postcard Printing

Through Cyberhafen.com you can order postcards directly and quickly online. No hassle, no waiting. Your postcards can be in any size, format, or design of your choice. Postcards can be printed digitally in short run quantities. Alternatively, larger orders of postcards can be printed offset. If you're looking for a quality postcard, you've come to the right postcard printing company!

We can print your postcards on thick, durable 265 g/m² chromoboard (a cardstock paper), 300 g/m² paper, 350 g/m², or on PVC plastic. Click on a postcard below for additional information. Our postcards can be printed in many sizes, formats, full color, or grayscale. Delivery times, prices, and print runs for your postcards are all calculated instantly online.

Need some help with your postcard selection? We'll gladly give advice about postcards, postcard printing, and other print products. Contact us here.

Postcard Designs and Templates

After finding the right size and format for your postcards, you now must decide upon the most fun part: pictures, logos, and designs for your postcards. In our Postcard Back Side section you can download an assortment of pre-made postcard templates. You can always send us your own template for your postcards! These are just friendly ideas to help you find solutions your postcards.

Postcards can serve wonderfully as advertisement for your business. At the same time, postcards serve a functional purpose. Postcards are a great way to be seen by many people.

Print Finishing & Special Effects for Postcards

There's nothing worse than a boring postcard. Make your postcards interesting and eye-catching with HiEffects print finishing. Attract attention with an appealing glitter lack on part of all of your postcards. Seduce new clients with a sensual scented lacquer on your postcards. Postcards can also have special colors, UV varnish, and other print finishes. Visit our HiEffects Print Finishing Section for more ideas to improve your postcards.

Postcards are still a very popular advertising medium. A postcard is like a small flyer for your business or organization! Some people even like to collect postcards with beautiful artwork or designs. Postcards can even be good reminders to clients for annual check-ups or customer satisfaction surveys.

Order Postcards Online Now!

Postcard printing is fast and affordable with Cyberhafen.com. Click on the postcards you want, determine the print run quantity and print finishing for your postcards, then choose a payment method. Your postcards will arrive within days. Order your postcards today.


Your printing company cyberhafen.com® prints posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, placards, and many other printed items for you also per express or overnight.

At your request, your printing company cyberhafen.com® also prints with special colors like HKS and Pantone. Exclusive offers for wedding invitations, school yearbooks, calendars, and pizza flyers are gladly made upon your inquiry.

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