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Printing Guide General Articles

Sag es weiter, Danke!

Basic Information

We produce printing products of the highest quality for you.
In order to ensure products in the most optimal quality, we need the files to be in a very good resolution.

For the highest standards, you should make vector data files available to us.

Allowable Formats

*.ai - (Adobe Illustrator)

*.cdr - (Corel Draw)

*.eps - (Adobe)

*.indd - (Adobe Indesign)

*.jpg - (all available programs)

*.pdf - (Adobe Acrobat)

*.psd - (Adobe Photoshop)

*.tiff - (Adobe Photoshop)

Please be aware of the following!

  • Make sure that texts are converted into curves when in
    vector graphic formats !!!

    To find out whether text or RGB objects are in your document, you can look
    in Corel Draw under the menu point File > Document Info.

    In Adobe Illustrator you'll find fonts in the menu point Text > Search Fonts.

  • RGB cannot be printed!

  • Files must be created in CMYK with at least in 300 dpi
    resolution so that they can be printed !!!

    A conversion from RGB to CMYK is only possible with a tonal
    value change (slight difference in hue).

  • Don't use cutting marks, media wedges, or registration marks.

  • Please select no raster surface under 10% tonal value.
    For technical reasons we cannot guarantee the successful printing
    of such created gradients and tonal values.

  • Do not use lines of the strength "hairline".
    These hairlines are in each program and exposure varies widely.
    Some are not visible.



For a printable file, you first have to create a background with the dimensions for your product specified (see below), with a resolution of at least 300 dpi or 600 dpi in CMYK color mode.

The 80 raster used in raster printing flyers is an optimal resolution of 405 dpi.

To give you clean straight edges without borders, we need print data with a bleed of 1 mm for flyers, business cards, posters, and stationery. The bleed section is then cut off after printing.

To also allow for tolerances while cutting your order -- to compensate for heat and humidity which occurs with some types of laquer -- we require an additional tolerance zone of 3 mm per edge.

For a rich black, we recommend C50, M30, Y30, or K100.

For flyers, posters, business cards, and postcards, the absolute distance for fonts, graphics, and logos of a print file from each outer edge is 4 mm (1 mm bleed allowance + 3 mm tolerance zone).

Do you have suggestions about how we can improve the description of print data preparation?
We look forward to your proposals. Use our contact form.

Data transfer:
The data transfer is available during the ordering process. (see How to).

When you specify your order data you can choose your print data on your computer.
(Network storage places are also possible to use)

For the transmission of amended print data or individual offerings please use our upload form.

Your printing company cyberhafen.com® prints posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, placards, and many other printed items for you also per express or overnight.

At your request, your printing company cyberhafen.com® also prints with special colors like HKS and Pantone. Exclusive offers for wedding invitations, school yearbooks, calendars, and pizza flyers are gladly made upon your inquiry.

The automatically calculated conversions base on the official courses of the European Central Bank (ECB). An overview of all available currencies can be found in the currency table. Please note that all prices based on the main currency (Euro) will be rounded down according to current exchange rates.

*1) We remind you that the mentioned total gross price contains the Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as all other price components by the delivery of printable data.